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(def brunch '1st-Annual-Lisp-in-the-Backyard-February-16)

Sunday, February 16
11:22AM until late

You may have heard by now: the future has finally fucking arrived. Lisp, functional programming, and managed concurrency are now mainstream and it's just about as awesome as you think it'd be.

David+Aysylu and I recently gave a Clojure lecture at MIT, but didn't actually have a workshop. The plan for this event:

  1. you come over
  2. eat breakfast/brunch/lunch
  3. brief presentation on Clojure (like a half hour) a bit after lunch
  4. I help you setup an environment and start writing stuff immediately

Because we're politically incorrect, we'll have tapas or something (you know, a Lisp bwunch and all). Discussions about the typed-λ calculus will be strictly restricted to Scott's porch.

I will elaborate, this is not a joke. Unlike the birthday brunch hackathon in October, this afternoon will feature lots and lots of typing. This also meant to be open-minded, friendly, and comfortable. Anyone can and should come, regardless of prior programming experience or quantitative abilities. You will definitely need to bring a computer.

RSVP if you can make it, and let me know if you're bringing guests or food to share.

On the behalf of the 1611 λ Calculus Club,

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