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Birthday Brunch, 22nd Annual Esoteric Languages Symposium

Dependent Types, LLC, and the 1611 λ-Calculus Society are pleased to present a birthday brunch and research symposium.


The Esoteric Languages Symposium and Birthday Brunch seeks submissions at the dubious intersection of brunch and dependent type theory.

Submissions are invited on all topics, but a good submission is one that outlines a new food for an interesting, underrepresented recipe domain. Good submissions may also remind us of dishes that were once in vogue but have not recently been seen in top brunches or PLT conferences. Good submissions do not need to propose complete or even partial entrees, though there should be some reason to believe that ambitious chefs have the tools necessary to search for solutions in the area at hand. Submissions that seem likely to stimulate discussion about the direction of esoteric brunches and/or dependent type theory are encouraged.

The workshop will be informal and structured to encourage discussion, but will at least include:

  1. A theory of edible materials, including, but not strictly limited to, pork, (probably) duck, particularly delicious vegetables, beverages, and exceptional company.

  2. Exploration of the algebraic closure of Burro programs... or in the words of esolang:

    "Bur(r)o is a brainfuck-like language, the set of whose programs form an algebraic group under the operation of concatenation and over the equivalence relation "computes the same function"."


Saturday, October 18, 2014


11:22AM Brunch (but really, waiting)
12:22PM Actual brunch (probably)
12:23PM Track µ (Chairs: Mookerji, Doenlen): Milling about, existential quantification
6:22PM Program committee awards for best and worst new Burro programs (and their inverses)
7:22PM Customary evening walkabout


Please let me know if you're coming (+$n's are encouraged). Bringing food (and/or ethanol-derived beverages) would be great as well. Saturday morning kitchen use will also require optimistic scheduling beforehand.


Location: 1611 Church St, SF (just SE of 28th and Church)
Walk: 15 minutes: west from 24th Mission/BART, down Church.
Bus/Train: Two blocks north of 30th/Church on Muni J and 24 bus
Other: Plenty of bike parking


The Program Committee

Buro Mookerji, Chair
Yuanyu Chen, Chairwoman Emerita
Joshua Horowitz, Chief Existentialist, LØL Research, Inc.
Umaimah Khan, Esotericist, Advanced Goats, San Diego, CA
D. Scott Kovach, Senior VP of λμ-Calculus Affairs, Dependent Types, LLC
Christopher Merrill, COO, Superior SKI Combinators and Bivalves
Cinjon Resnick, Author of "Eager, Strict, and Definitely Not Lazy"